The team is incredibly excited to encourage & accelerate the adoption of data-over-sound technology in 2019. We'll be at CES next week kicking off the year to do just that!

Chirp partners and integrations

Microsoft : Effortless provisioning for Azure IoT devices

We worked with Microsoft on a system to seamlessly provision new IoT devices
to the Azure Cloud with nothing more than a single Chirp tone.

Anyone who has tried to connect a smart device to a new Wi-Fi network can
testify that it’s an awkward and often painful process.

That’s why we’ve been working with Microsoft on a system to seamlessly provision new IoT devices to the Azure Cloud with nothing more than a single Chirp tone.

Chirp's James and Damien talking about the solution on Microsoft's IoT Show

Roblox : effortless nearby player discovery

Chirp's ultrasonic technology has been adopted by Roblox, the world's largest social network for play, as an easy and safe way to create gaming sessions with nearby users.  It works like ultrasonic sonar, quickly detecting other players within hearing range, so that you can add friends with a single tap. It's also totally offline, making it safe and COPPA/GDPR-compliant for young people. Read about the integration here.We’ll be publishing a complete proximity-detection example app early in 2019, so keep your eyes peeled. 👀

Abbey Road Hackathon

We were delighted to be invited as one of the supporting partners in the first Abbey Road Hackathon, exploring questions facing the creative industries and beyond. Over a hundred makers spent 24 hours developing ideas at the boundaries of music technology, and made some fantastic things with Chirp. Read our write-up of the hackathon. Features distributed synths, emotive ultrasound and sonic breadcrumbs.

Chirp Engineering

We're really proud of how hard our engineers work to make Chirp the best it can be and especially the work they've put in over the year.

Here's just a few, of many, improvements they've made

  • Released v3, which focused on "Making it trivially quick & simple to integrate Data-Over-Sound capabilities which are reliable in even the most acoustically complex, difficult environments"
  • Multichannel support, it addressed one of our most common feature requests: the ability for multiple nearby devices to chirp simultaneously without causing interference.
  • Launched Chirp Messenger, a simple web app to easily demonstrate Chirp without having to install apps or download the SDK
  • Developed a solution for provisioning devices to wifi with Microsoft (more details below)
  • Produced several guides on how to easily integrate commonly used tools, like firebase, react native, DAT and Alexa tool kit

Explorer Board

In October we announced our Explorer Board, the first IoT prototyping platform that’s tailor-made from the ground up to explore the possibilities of acoustic data transfer. Built around the powerful Arm Cortex-M4 CPU with inbuilt DSP for optimised audio processing, it allows developers to quickly and easily integrate data-over-sound technology into embedded scenarios.

You can check out more details, and express your interest for the board, which will ship early 2019 here

Chirp Explorer Board

Website Relaunch & Free Tier

When we released our first SDK in 2015, we loved seeing what people build with Chirp, from virtual reality group-building to underwater communications systems.

That’s why, back in March, we were pleased to announce that Chirp SDKs are now free to use for non-profit, hobbyist and commercial projects alike, to let people play, discover, learn and build.

The Chirp free tier is available at our developer's hub and contains the following:

  • Free commercial use (up to 10k Monthly Active Users)
  • All our off-the-shelf protocols
  • Android, iOS, Python, WebAssembly, Kotlin, Windows & macOS platforms
  • Works offline
However, we do offer more features on our enterprise licence which has more features such as bespoke protocols, more platforms, SLAs and an unlimited commercial use.

To coincide with this announcement, we relaunched our website - you can see it here.

Chirp Community

We've loved seeing what people have done over the past year with Chirp, here's a few highlights we saw over the past year.

Archie, the Chirping Robot Owl

Alex Glow of Hackster, famed for her world-class hacker credentials, popped by Chirp HQ to chat about Chirp, technology,  and her robotic owl familiar Archimedes.

Read the Q&A here.

We're hoping to do more Q&As in the future, so if you're interested in getting featured on our blog drop us a line here

Here's Archie reacting to the 😀 emoji

Plants and Data over sound

We’re absolutely thrilled to have been showcased at Node Conference 2018 by Susan Hinton (@noopkat), a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, talking about Chirp and building a Chirping IoT plant communication system in offline environments.

Here's Suz talking about it on her twitch stream

A Sub-aquatic Chirps

Tyler Laursen-Carr of Bergen CC successfully sent the world's first subaquatic Chirp transmissions, as part of a prototype for an underwater communication network.

Tyler is 15 and got in touch with us via where Daniel, our CTO was more than pleased to help him out

Here's Tyler's poster for the Science Fair

Tyler also made lots of us question what on earth we were doing at 15

It’s exciting to see the energy and momentum around the team and platform, from launching a version of our SDK, full duplex communication, and we are truly humbled by the support we're getting and recognition from some of the biggest companies in their areas.

You can apply for our SDKs here and sign up to our mailing list to receive our monthly developers newsletter here