Introducing the Chirp blog, a home for technical dispatches, R&D, tutorials, and anything else we've found interesting to do with sound.

Our company has made significant progress across our suite of products. We’ve launched a whole new suite of SDKs for WebAssembly (which you can use in browser), C SDK for Arm among the usual cohort of Android, iOS, Python and various Windows platforms

We've also opened our Developer's Hub where you can get your hands on all our SDKs (You can get your hands on all of these good things here.)

The Chirp blog is a place that will allow us to share company updates,
thoughts, experiments, and tutorials. It will encompass a wide range of topics from across the company, including write-ups of our engineering progress and practices,
coverage of our hackathons, updates across our product line, and company-wide
news and events.

As you can imagine, we’ve had our heads down working hard on all this to make
sure these releases are robust and easy to use for our customers.

Now, we get to start shouting about those efforts.

As we continue to improve and expand our range of SDKs and services, this blog
will keep a record of our efforts — we’re looking forward to sharing an inside
perspective of life at Chirp HQ.

Team Chirp