Welcome to our monthly Chirp bulletin. We’ll be rounding up news, articles, and updates on what the Chirp ecosystem has been building. Have you been working on anything you’d like us to include next month? Get in touch.

WebAssembly SDK

We’ve harnessed the power of WebAssembly to bring Chirp to the browser: add a one-line JavaScript embed, and you can begin sending and receiving chirps from your web app. Start building with the Chirp WebAssembly SDK.

Chirp Messenger and Chrome Extension

To demo the WebAssembly SDK in action, we’ve built a tiny browser-to-browser messaging app, resurrecting the long-missed Chirp text messenger. It even works in mobile browsers. Check it out: Chirp Messenger (source)We’ve also launched our Chrome Extension so you can easily send URLs to other laptops easily — get it here

Chirp on the Command Line

Like you, we’re die-hard command-line fans. That’s why we’re happy to include a full suite of CLI tools within the latest Python SDK, and have written up a how-to guide on sending, receiving and decoding chirps directly within the terminal. Using Chirp on the Command Line.

Meet us at Arm TechCon

We’re delighted to be featured on Arm’s booth at their TechCon developer conference in San Jose next month, demonstrating how the Chirp Arm SDK can enable one-tap provisioning of Wi-Fi credentials to IoT devices.Drop by the official Arm booth from 16th-18th October to chat all things Chirp, embedded and provisioning (or just come get some sweet Chirp stickers). Registration is free: Arm TechCon 2018.

We’re Hiring!

We’re looking for passionate and engaged developers for the following roles:

Windows developer (C#, .NET, audio DSP) — short-term

Mobile developer and all-round hacker (Android, iOS) — full-time

Research engineer (Python, C, audio DSP, analysis) — full-time

Does this sound a bit like you? Write to jobs@chirp.io for more info.

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