Welcome to our monthly Chirp bulletin. We’ll be rounding up news, articles, and updates on what the Chirp ecosystem has been building. Have you been working on anything you’d like us to include next month? Get in touch.

🚀 Explorer Board

Last week we announced our Explorer Board, the first IoT prototyping platform that’s tailor-made from the ground up to explore the possibilities of acoustic data transfer. Built around the powerful Arm Cortex-M4 CPU with inbuilt DSP for optimised audio processing, it allows developers to quickly and easily integrate data-over-sound technology into embedded scenarios. You can check out more details, and express your interest for the board, which will ship by the end of the year here

🤖 Kotlin

Kotlin is the fastest growing language according to GitHub and as it is backwards compatible with Java we decided to migrate our Android SDK to Kotlin. Using Kotlin, allows us to cover both bases, supporting new trends while still being compatible with Java. Check out our guide for using Chirp with Kotlin here

🐍 Python for Windows

In the latest release of the Python SDK v3.4.2, we are proud to announce that we now have full support for Windows. The Python SDK is one of the easiest ways to start experimenting with Chirp, with added command line tools that enable you to send and receive data over sound within minutes. Alongside Windows, the latest SDK has also extended support for Raspberry Pi to include the Pi Zero modules and older model A versions. Thanks to Thiago for raising the issue.

🎧 Audio API

It’s been a while since we mentioned our trusty audio API! With the Chirp Audio API, you can send data over sound with a simple API request and an audio player via a simple GET request for a wav or mp3 file:

GET https://audio.chirp.io/v3/ultrasonic/8e72a9aa

Just specify the data payload and the desired protocol and start sending data in seconds. See the getting started guide

🌻 Node Conference 2018

We’re absolutely thrilled to have been showcased at Node Conference 2018 by Susan Hinton (@noopkat), a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, talking about Chirp and building a Chirping IoT plant communication system in offline environments.

👩‍💻 Hackster Hackathon

We were lucky enough to attend a hackathon with Matrix Labs and Morpxhosted by Hackster in their San Francisco HQ. We played around with the Explorer Board, Matrix Labs made a super cool Arc Reactor on an Iron Man suit, and we played around with Morpx’s toys designed to teach young people about STEM.

Yes, the back of the Explorer Board has Chester’s face

🖥 We’re Hiring

We’re looking for passionate and engaged developers for the following roles:Mobile developer and all-round hacker (Android, iOS) — full-timeResearch engineer (Python, C, audio DSP, analysis) — full-timeDoes this sound a bit like you? Write to jobs@chirp.io for more info.

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