Although December is upon us, we're still riding high on a packed and productive November.  Here's our roundup of last month's developments within the Chirp ecosystem.

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🔀 Multichannel Support

One of our most common feature requests is the ability to send and receive chirps simultaneously. We've solved this challenge in our latest set of cross-platform updates, which support full-duplex transmission on up to 8 different frequency bands simultaneously.

Read more about Chirp multichannel support.

💻 Windows SDK for .NET

After months of road tests with our selected partners in the desktop application world, the Chirp SDK for Windows .NET has made the graduation from beta to production, opens up new possibilities for enterprise, desktop and office applications to start communicating with data-over-sound.

Download the Chirp SDK for Windows .NET.

🎛 Abbey Road Hackathon

We were delighted to be invited as one of the supporting partners in the first Abbey Road Hackathon, exploring questions facing the creative industries and beyond. Over a hundred makers spent 24 hours developing ideas at the boundaries of music technology, and made some fantastic things with Chirp featuring distributed synths, emotive ultrasound and sonic breadcrumbs.

Read our write-up of the hackathon.

👩🏽‍💻 Audio Developer Conference

This month was the annual Audio Developer Conference, the leading event for audio tech. We were showcasing our newly-launched Chirp Explorer Board, an embedded platform for prototyping data-over-sound in IoT. Check out the poster below.

Register your interest in the Explorer Board at

Here's our poster