Welcome to the monthly Chirp developer bulletin for February 2019, our monthly roundup of news, articles, and updates on what the Chirp ecosystem has been building. Have you been working on anything you'd like us to include next month? Get in touch.

⚙️ Chirp Developer Hub relaunched

We have relaunched the Chirp Developer Hub as a comprehensive resource for developer documentation, tutorials and resources. It features:

We'll be continuing to add resources over the coming weeks, with forthcoming docs on security, best practices, IoT, and a nuts-and-bolts "how it works" guides.
We'd love your feedback on it. Please don't hesitate to get in touch or send us a tweet with requests or suggestions.

Start developing: Chirp Developer Hub.

⏳ Improving device setup for the Internet of Things

We've been working with usability specialist Dr Antonella Mazzoni to measure the time savings that Chirp can give to setting up new smart devices. instead of entering Wi-Fi details manually, simply chirp them from your mobile. Our study found that Chirp can reduce setup times by up to 86%.

Read the full article and check out the performance data.

📨 Open-sourced example apps

We designed the Chirp Messenger solely as a simple app to highlight the benefits of Chirp SDKs. Because of this, we've put the code on GitHub so you can make your own and see how the Chirp SDK works.

The source code for Chirp Messenger and other example apps, such as our PayPal integrations can be found on GitHub for iOS, Android, Alexa and Python.