Welcome to the monthly Chirp developer bulletin for December. We'll be rounding up news, articles, and updates on what the Chirp ecosystem has been building. Have you been working on anything you'd like us to include next month? Get in touch.

🏠 Roblox integrate Chirp for proximity player discovery

Chirp's ultrasonic technology has been adopted by Roblox, the world's largest social network for play, as an easy and safe way to create gaming sessions with nearby users.  It works like ultrasonic sonar, quickly detecting other players within hearing range, so that you can add friends with a single tap. It's also totally offline, making it safe and COPPA/GDPR-compliant for young people. Read about the integration here.

We’ll be publishing a complete proximity-detection example app early in 2019, so keep your eyes peeled. 👀

📣 Chirp at CES 2019

Next month, we'll be at CES 2019 in Las Vegas with our partners at Vesper. We'll be demonstrating a thrilling advancement in data-over-sound: zero-power acoustic networking for consumer devices, enabling Chirp-enabled devices to operate for over a year on a single coin-sized battery.

Want to meet? Book in a meeting at CES in our live calendar (7-11 Jan).

🦉 Archie, the Chirping Robot Owl

Alex Glow of Hackster, famed for her world-class hacker credentials, popped by Chirp HQ to chat about Chirp, technology,  and her robotic owl familiar Archimedes.Read the Q&A here.We're hoping to do more Q&As in the future, so if you're interested in getting featured on our blog drop us a line here

Here's Archie reacting to the 😀emoji

🛠 Chirp Christmas Hackday

For a few days at the end of each year, we halt our everyday engineering and instead focus on exploring ideas and experiments at the edges of data-over-sound. Even if they're not directly related to Chirp applications, they're a great way for us each to expand our technical horizons or test out ideas of a more speculative nature.

Here's our write-up of this year's Chirp Christmas Hackathon.

Here's one of our more light-hearted hackathon projects: a Chirp-enabled Christmas card. ☃️🎁

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The Chirp Engineering Team