Welcome to our first monthly Chirp bulletin. We’ll be rounding up news, articles, and updates on what the Chirp ecosystem has been building. Have you been working on anything you’d like us to include next month? Get in touch.

Chirp and Microsoft solve painful IoT provisioning

Connecting smart devices to a Wi-Fi network is frustrating and labour-
intensive, often taking several minutes per smart device. That’s why we’ve
been collaborating with Microsoft to create a quick, seamless and pain-free provisioning process to connect devices to Wi-Fi and the Azure Cloud. With our guide and open-source examples, you can even add one-Chirp provisioning to your own IoT ecosystem.

Read our blog post on our collaboration with Microsoft

Chirp SDK for Arm Cortex-M

We are happy to announce the public launch of the Chirp SDK for the Arm Cortex-M embedded processor range, a powerful and cost-effective way to integrate seamless connectivity into your IoT devices. Data-over-sound has never before been available for Arm chips, and it opens up vistas of new possibilities: seamless provisioning, zero-config M2M
connectivity, proximity-sensitive smart objects… What will you build with it?

Download the Arm SDK from the Chirp developer hub. A tutorial is available in the readme.

Friction-free peer-to-peer payments with Chirp + PayPal

We’ve been hard at work expanding our Chirp+ integration guides. Hot off the press is Chirp + PayPal, a easy way to enable peer-to-peer payments to anybody within hearing range.

On the same theme, we’ve also updated our Alexa guide so you can
onboard any device.

Chirp develop a wide range of developer friendly data-over-sound SDKs,
allowing devices to seamlessly convert information into sound, transmit it to nearby devices, which they then convert back into the original data — this whole interaction can take place offline.

To learn more visit Chirp.io