This video demonstrates the world’s first 1000+ bits per second data over
audio solution.

Sure, it’s fast — but…

Fast, but somewhat compromised in other areas

We put together a quick video below demonstrating the world’s first 1000 +
bits per second data over audio solution. We picked a random number, 1111.1
bits per second in this instance, because our technology has always had the
capability of doing so. But for us, when developing customised solutions, it’s
really all about understanding our clientele’s specific needs.

Chirp’s world class specialists are ready to tailor a solution to your product’s specific requirements whether it’s for payments, transport or nuclear reactors.

This is not a test. We are not in beta. Our technology is already live at mass global scale with partners you know. Activision, Creata, Netflix and EDF Nuclear Energy trust Chirp to reliably send data in their most demanding applications.

After all, there’s more to a successful product than speed alone.

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