We’ve all been there, you need to send a link, document, or cat picture quickly to everyone in your meeting room/office/home/cat cafe — but setting up a group chat using the traditional methods is annoying and cumbersome.

To traditionally add people to a group chat you need to;

find out their numbers, usernames or emails

add everyone as contacts start a new chat

enter in all their numbers,

usernames or emails

apologize to the people you left out initially

enter in the number, username or email of the person you left out

then send your message

At Chirp, we believe that everyday tasks like this should be seamless and simple. That’s why we developed this tutorial, to make things frictionless. Why go through all this irritation to do simple things like creating a group chat?

With Chirp, and Pusher’s fantastic Chatkit paired up to develop a simpler way of doing it.

open up a messenger using Pusher’s Chatkit,

send a Chirp to invite all users nearby

You can check out the Chirp x Pusher tutorial here.

Chirp produce a suite of developer friendly SDKs to transfer data over sound using only a device’s existing speaker and microphone.