MATRIX make some of our favourite development boards, incorporating all of the bells and whistles you need to prototype your own IoT projects. The mic and LED array of the MATRIX Voice makes it a perfect candidate for home-spun voice assistants, and the MATRIX Creator is packed with every sensor under the sun – gyro/accelerometer/magnetometer, UV, even an infrared receiver and blaster to act as a TV remote.

We had a live-streamed chat with the good people at MATRIX a couple of weeks back, who have been test-driving Chirp for nearfield communication.

MATRIX have now published a tutorial on getting up and running with Chirp on Raspberry Pi plus MATRIX board. It supports either the MATRIX Creator or MATRIX Voice, and uses the mic array as a route to receive data from nearby audio devices.

It's a super-simple route to getting up and running, using our Python example scripts as a jumping-off point, and we encourage everyone to give it a try.

Next steps: