With the ever-increasing variety and popularity of IoT devices and environments, there’s a fast-growing demand for seamless, friction-free and bulletproof machine-to-machine communication between edge devices.

We’ve all experienced headaches trying to get smart devices speaking to each other:

  • connecting a new smart device onto your Wi-Fi network with the cumbersome “hotspot dance”
  • trying and failing to pair two Bluetooth devices
  • wrestling with connectivity to meeting room displays

As we interact more and more with devices such as smart speakers, smart appliances, and network-enabled Industrial IoT machines, we need a way to instantaneously interact without prior pairing or password exchange.

Chirp’s data-over-sound technology fills a critical void in this arena, allowing data to be instantaneously transferred via audio signals to any device within hearing range. No pairing or passwords are required, and it’s trusted by our partners from use cases spanning children’s toys to nuclear power stations. For sensitive applications, audio transmissions can be secure with industry-standard cryptography techniques.

Many IoT devices already have audio I/O hardware, allowing software-defined audio connectivity to be incorporated without adding to the bill of materials — as the only requirement to send a Chirp is a microphone.

This is particularly powerful in use cases where zero-config transmission of data is required, such as sharing information with nearby devices or securely unlocking a smart lock. It also enables seamless and error-free provisioning of new smart devices, allowing existing devices to share network credentials via a localised acoustic broadcast.

Chirp SDK for Arm Cortex-M CPUs

The newest addition to the Chirp SDK suite is a developer kit specifically tailored and optimised for the Arm Cortex-M CPU series. Harnessing the DSP power of the Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M7, the Chirp Arm SDK enables low-cost embedded devices to begin taking advantage of data-over-sound’s affordances in IoT scenarios.

We’re delighted to be showcasing the Chirp Arm SDK at Arm’s TechCon developer convention in San Jose, from October 16–18 2018.

On October 17th (13:30), Chirp’s CTO Dr. Daniel Jones will be speaking about the benefits of data-over-sound, the theory behind data-over-sound technology, and outline how you can start incorporating Chirp’s toolkits into your Arm-powered devices. Add the talk to your calendar here

We’ll also be presenting a series of demonstrations of where our technology has been successfully implemented in the wild, and some of the methods we have used to overcome real-world challenges. Come and check us out at booth #525.

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