Sound is a simple and frictionless method for nearby devices to exchange data. We believe that data-over-sound tools should be equally frictionless and simple to use.

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Since 2011 Chirp has been at the forefront of the effort to develop and productise data over audio tools. We started way back then with our own consumer-facing app for iOS and Android so we know what it is like to rely first-hand on our data over sound tech to facilitate in-app functionality. We also gained experience with operating the technology in general real world, with real users. at scale. This history has made us acutely aware of the responsibility to create well-engineered software products which perform in complex, chaotic real world environments. It also guides us in design decisions towards making these products as simple and straightforward to integrate as possible – after a all we are developers too.

Our latest releases represent the most straightforward way to add reliable, performant data transmission via sound to your app or product. We have made it as simple as possible for developers and engineers to integrate our SDKs and in doing so in many cases, add additional connectivity capabilities to their service with no additional effort or expense.

To get setup, an account can be setup at – it takes 2 minutes.

Installing the SDK is just as quick – here is Python going from a completely uninstalled state to sending data using sound in 10 seconds :

Chirp’s SDKs represent the fastest and most reliable sonic data transmission SDKs available, with a range of different protocols to suit different demands, data rates and acoustic environments.

Importantly, they work completely offline and do not record or store any audio at all. For developers, they have a simple set of. functions to setup, send and receive data – and they accept data in it’s existing format without imposing restrictions on the type or schema being broadcast.

Whether you are interested in adding proximity, nearby data exchange or presence detection or simply want to experiment – download our SDKs for your preferred platform today and together we can teach the machines to sing!