At Chirp, we absolutely love our developer community, and when we stumble upon an interesting project created using Chirp, we can’t help but shout about it. In this edition of our Developer Spotlight series, we’re showcasing Siva Kumar’s project with Chirp and Flutter.

Siva is a software architect working at Computer Enterprises, Inc., helping teams build and deliver mobile, IoT, and cloud and architecture specifications. When he’s not busy leading the way on building innovative tech, he loves developer community-related work where he can share projects and learn from other developers.

Recently, Siva came across Chirp while exploring options for IoT solutions to transmit data offline, and with less costly hardware. Specifically, Siva was interested in the Chirp SDK for Flutter to send data from a mobile application to another device using data-over-sound.

Using a Flutter application, he built a list of dev brand colours, including Angular red, React blue, and Chirp yellow, and created a simple application with Chirp’s SDK to transmit the “colour” data to Philips HUE Bridge lightbulbs, changing them to the selected hue.

Siva put together a thorough tutorial on how to utilise this application to add a little colour to your space, so make sure you check it out here.

And, as a fun fact, our Chirp office also uses Philips HUE bulbs and a similar application to change our lights to various hues at certain points during the day -- like a nice turquoise blue on Fridays at 5pm to remind that the weekend is near!

Have you created something with Chirp? Drop us an email or send us a Tweet and we’d love to feature you.