We are happy to announce today that we have released .NET compatible
assemblies which extend support back to Windows 7 SP1.

Data over sound is a flexible technology because it spans not just device
form-factors and platforms, but also device generations. We work hard to make
sure that we provide developer-friendly native SDKs for a wide range of

Starting with our iOS and Android SDKs, our suite has grown to support Python,
macOS, JavaScript, Linux and prebuilt packages for embedded applications
running Arm Mx chipsets, including the Raspberry Pi. Up until now, our Windows offering was limited to Windows 10 Universal Window Platform (UWP) applications.

We are happy to announce today that we have released .NET compatible
assemblies which extend support back to Windows 7 SP1 to our beta users. .NET
framework /C# assemblies have often been requested by our larger corporate
customers due to their clients’ support of legacy systems. Chirp’s data over
sound technology can now be used to bridge devices new and old — the only
requirements are a loudspeaker and/or a microphone.

Getting started with this framework is as straightforward as with our other
SDKs: Set your credentials, set your callbacks and start!

// Create instance  
chirpConnect = new ChirpConnectNet.ChirpConnect(  
// Set your licence  
ChirpError err = chirpConnect.SetLicence("YOUR_CHIRP_LICENCE");

// Wire up information events  
chirpConnect.Sent         += ChirpConnect_Sent;  
chirpConnect.Sending      += ChirpConnect_Sending;  
chirpConnect.Receiving    += ChirpConnect_Receiving;  
chirpConnect.Received     += ChirpConnect_Received;

// Start the instance  
var startErr = chirpConnect.Start();

We are proud to support a wide range of ultrasonic and audible data over audio
technologies, and will continue to ensure that any device capable of making
sound can also send data.

Our .NET data over sound SDK can be downloaded now from
developers.chirp.io. Each product sends data using audible sound by default, but each is also easily configurable by the developer for ultrasonic data transfer. Like all our SDKs, they are available to use for free for students, startups, academics and charities.

We look forward to seeing what you build — together we will teach the machines
to sing!

Chirp is a wireless communication technology that enables data to be
transferred via sound, using a device’s existing speaker and microphone. It
can use audible or inaudible ultrasonic frequencies, works in the most
challenging acoustic environments, and requires no network connection. To
learn more about the benefits of data-over-sound, visit