Integrations are available on our GitHub for iOS, Android, Alexa and Python.

In September we launched the Chirp Messenger demo, a browser-to-browser messenger to send short text messages seamlessly between devices using the WebAssembly SDK, similar to the old Chirp app.

We've also launched a messenger app available on Google Play & the App Store.

We designed the Chirp Messenger solely as a simple app to highlight the benefits of Chirp SDKs. Because of this, we've put the code on GitHub so you can make your own and see how the Chirp SDK works.

The source code for Chirp Messenger and other example apps, such as our PayPal integrations can be found on GitHub for iOS, Android, Alexa and Python.

These examples all require the Chirp SDK which is available here

Chirp enables data to be transferred via sound, using a device’s existing speaker and microphone. It can use audible or ultrasonic frequencies, works in the most challenging acoustic environments.

As the interaction takes place entirely through sound, it requires no network connection or specialist hardware, just a simple speaker and microphone.