We're happy to say that we've just put the finishing touches to a ground-up rewrite of our technical documentation. The relaunched Chirp Developer Hub is a comprehensive resource for guides, walk-throughs, references, and more.

What's changed?

We've divided the content into three main areas:

  • Getting Started
    Simple walk-throughs to get you up and running on each of our supported platforms.
  • Using Chirp
    Technical overviews, covering payloads, protocols, events, multichannel transmission, and error handling.
  • Tutorials
    Guides on integrating Chirp with third-party frameworks, and how to use Chirp in different environments.

We also have detailed cross-language code snippets, now covering Kotlin for Android.

We'll be continuing to add resources over the coming weeks, with forthcoming docs on security, best practices, IoT, and a nuts-and-bolts "how it works" guide.

Dive in

Start exploring our new technical resources:

🛠 Chirp Developer Hub

We'd love your feedback on it. Please don't hesitate to get in touch or send us a tweet with requests or suggestions.