We’ve been busy this month at Chirp, and would love to catch you up on everything that’s been going on! Below are just a few of the great pieces of work our team has been working on. And, as always, if you have created something interesting with Chirp, give us a shout, we’d love to hear more about it: contact@chirp.io.

A Quest with Arm to Solve IoT Connectivity

We’re all well aware of the frustrations that come with getting electronic devices to communicate seamlessly (hands up if you feel you've been personally victimised by Bluetooth pairing 🙋‍♂️).

Well, that’s why we’ve been working with our friends at Arm to explain that there is a better, more seamless way to get your devices communicating. Our collaborative white paper compared Chirp with other connectivity tech, and outlines how to get started integrating into your own hardware projects.

Interested in learning more? Download the white paper here.

Chirp for Arduino is Back

In response to the great demand expressed by the developer community, we’re pleased to announce we’ve finally brought back Chirp for Arduino. This time around, it’s capable of sending and receiving chirps (courtesy of the ESP32’s compute power), and you can install it directly from the Arduino library manager. So, get out there and get tinkering. 👩‍💻

Chirp Developer Spotlights


As you may know, we absolutely love showcasing the work you do with Chirp. This month, we featured a creative community project from a team of students at the University of Maryland, who’ve ingeniously deployed Chirp as a way to guide users through museums using ultrasonic sonar. We asked them a few questions about their project, check out the answers here.

Alexander Gutris

We're also pleased to feature Alexander Gutrits, a developer based in St. Petersburg. Alexander has made a plugin for Unity engine for Chirp. You can find out more about his plugin, how he found Chirp, and what drove him to create the plugin here.

In Case You Missed It…

We’ve relaunched our Developer Hub! This is a comprehensive resource for developer documentation, tutorials, and resources. It features:

  • Beginners guide to getting started with Chirp
  • Chirp tech overview, covering everything from payloads and protocols to events, multichannel transmission, and error handling.
  • Tutorials on integrating Chirp with third-party frameworks

Make sure you stay tuned to this space, as we’ll be adding new resources over the coming weeks. To stay up to date with Chirp, sign up for our monthly newsletter.