Hot off the press, here’s a round up of Chirp’s latest updates. From news and articles to engineering updates and all the cool stuff in between, you’re in the right place for the latest and greatest from our team. And, as always, if you have created something interesting with Chirp, give us a shout, we’d love to hear more about it:

💡Creating innovation in connectivity

ICYMI: We’re chuffed to announce Chirp has recently started supporting StreamUnlimited, an industry leader in embedded streaming and voice assistant SDKs, which enables its OEM customers to connect through a myriad of smart devices and music services, as well as various smart home protocol stacks. With this integration, StreamUnlimited’s embedded software services end users will be able to experience the affordances of sound, which is obviously amazing.

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Excuse our tan, we’ve been busy basking in the glow of fame. 😎On 11 April, Chirp was featured on Matthew Herbert’s World of Sound on BBC Radio 4. The composer and producer explored how we’re entering an exciting era, where sound is being used to unlock new frontiers -- including data.


Visit the link below to listen to the program, but first, don’t forget to download the Chirp Messenger app and listen for the Chirp to receive a special message during the program.

Listen: BBC Radio 4 - Matthew Herbert’s World of Sound

👩‍💻Using the C SDK with ALSA on Linux

Follow our guide at the developer hub to quickly get started writing C code using Chirp on Linux machines. The Python SDK is a great place to get started with Chirp on Linux; however, if you are working in more constrained environments such as embedded Linux, then using the C SDK will provide a more efficient solution.

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🗣What are the benefits of sending data over sound?

There are some very clear and practical affordances of data-over-sound. From working offline in extreme environments to seamless integration into existing hardware and frictionless connections, there is a myriad of potential for data-over-sound. This blog takes a look at the affordances of sound, how it works, and the practical use cases. Put your thinkin’ caps on, and get to reading to learn all about it in this crash course.


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