Chirp + DSPG

Chirp and DSP Group have partnered together to provide frictionless, low-power connectivity for smart-enabled devices.

It’s not a secret that audio is at the forefront of modern smart-enabled technology, especially in the case of smart-enabled and IoT devices. In fact, global sales of smart home devices are set to reach almost 1 billion units by 2022. In terms of revenue, we can expect to see over £10 billion spent on smart home devices in the UK alone in 2019.

With more and more consumers looking toward smart-enabled devices to simplify their daily lives, we continue to innovate with world-class technology firms to further the capabilities of audio integrated within these devices.

Today, we’re pleased to announce our latest technical partnership with DSP Group, a leading global provider of integrated wireless chipset solutions for converging communications, to deliver single reference design for smart-enabled devices through Google and Amazon.

By embedding our data-over-sound technology into DSP Group’s range of wireless chipsets for smart-enabled devices, we’re able to deliver a turnkey solution that combines voice processing and audio-based data transfer capabilities to enable seamless provisioning for consumer applications in close proximity.

Smart-enabled devices with DSP Group wireless chipsets can now utilise the benefits of data-over-sound to facilitate seamless Wi-Fi provisioning and frictionless connections made between nearby devices, without requiring any prior set up, pairing, or configuration. By adding this value to existing audio capabilities of smart-enabled consumer devices, Chirp’s data-over-sound software provides seamless connectivity at scale.

“Partnering with DSP Group to extend the use of data-over-sound for smart consumer applications underscores the power of sound as a versatile and cost-effective means of enhanced device connectivity with tangible benefits for the end user,”  commented James Nesfield, CEO of Chirp.

“We are delighted to increase the footprint of our technology with DSP Group. Working alongside industry partners, we will continue to demonstrate the far-reaching advantages of audio-based data transfer for CE device manufacturers and users alike,” he said.