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Bat Chat

Turns out there are 4 different topics which Egyptian fruit bats can chat about :

  1. Food
  2. Position within the sleeping cluster
  3. Mating calls
  4. Personal space - other bats being too close.

Neuroecologist Yossi Yovel and his colleagues recorded a group of 22 Egpytian fruit bats, and using a modified machine learning algorithm to analyse the bats’ chatter. Interesting for readers of our newsletter, there are two distinct network topologies. The bats make modifications to these four calls in order to speak directly to other individuals, or the group as a whole.

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Github Activity Sonification

Image courtesy of GitHub.

This website tracks events happening across GitHub and converts them to music notes based on certain parameters.

There are three types of sounds (bell, string pluck and string swell) based on four types of events. Bells represent PushEvents, string plucks represent IssuesEvents and IssueCommentEvents whereas string swells represent PullRequestEvents. Check out the project for an instrumental view of GitHub users’ activity.

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Chirp + Linkplay

At Chirp, we strive to innovate with world-class technology firms to further the capabilities and affordances of audio integrations within IoT devices, and we’re pleased to announce today that we’re now partnering with world-class smart audio solutions provider, Linkplay Technology.

Smart-enabled devices with Linkplay Wi-Fi Audio modules can now utilise the benefits of data-over-sound to facilitate seamless Wi-Fi provisioning and frictionless connections made between nearby devices, without requiring any prior set up, pairing, or configuration.

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