Arm Cortex microcontrollers are the fundamental building block of the embedded universe, the processing core found in virtually every electronic device. The recent release of the Chirp SDK for Arm Cortex-M enhances the power of these processors to be able to perform both application logic and networking on-chip, enabling friction-free near-field connectivity with no addition to an existing bill of materials.

To explore the powerful synergy between Chirp communication and Arm's edge compute capabilities, we've co-authored a white paper with our colleagues at Arm.

Why Chirp is a natural fit for IoT

We envision Chirp as part of a wider landscape of connectivity technologies, complementing Bluetooth, NFC, ZigBee and other RF-based networking.

By leveraging the unique advantages of sound as a transmission medium, IoT devices can be enhanced with proximity awareness, broadcast sharing, zero-friction setup, and the capacity to respond to other audio streams around them without any prior configuration.

Networking at the edge

As demand on cloud computing intensifies, the ability to perform scalable, secure and low-power communications at the network's edge will continue to grow.

We believe that the combination of Arm's versatility and ubiquity, combined with Chirp's ability to bridge the gaps between a growing number of nearby devices, will be a killer combination for the emerging connected world.

What it covers

Inside the paper, we cover:

  • The current state of the IoT industry, and why acoustic transmission fills a growing connectivity demand
  • The fundamental concepts and connectivity benefits of Chirp
  • Key application areas, including provisioning, proximity awareness, and secure near-field communication
  • How the Arm Cortex-M series enable optimised DSP at the edge, facilitating on-chip acoustic comms
  • An overview of integrating Chirp within embedded Arm applications

Get the white paper

Download the white paper:

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Find out more about Chirp:

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