Download the Chirp and Arm white paper now.

Since being invited to showcase our work at the Arm TechCon developer symposium in October, we've been collaborating with Arm on a white paper which explores the fundamental concepts and benefits of data-over-sound connectivity.

We outline some of the key advantages of ultrasonic data transmission for the Internet of Things, including:

  • Device interoperability
  • Frictionless UX
  • Physically bounded within spaces and rooms
  • Low or no bill-of-materials (BOM)
  • Zero power when paired with Vesper MEMS microphones

The white paper also covers key application areas within IoT, like Wi-Fi provisioning smart devices, such as smart speakers or headless devices – similar to the work we did with Microsoft.

Other benefits of data over audio mentioned in the white paper include proximity and presence detection (like the work we did with Roblox), two-way acoustic NFC, and communications in RF-restricted environments.

The white paper highlights how data-over-sound facilitates secure near-field communication in low-cost, low-power scenarios, with the DSP-optimised Arm Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M7 processors.

Ready to learn more about the benefits of data-over-sound? Download the white paper now, available on Arm's website.