It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce that after five incredible
years, our original consumer Chirp app has finally been laid to rest. He was a
pioneer of data-over-audio, the first ever to bring the Internet of Sound to
the world stage. He was a mainstay of millions of people’s daily lives, of
tens of thousands of students’ educational routines, and he traveled the
globe, bringing awe and wonder to devices across six continents. He was the
star that graced the screens of millions of computers in videos created by his
adoring fans, and he’s been recognised and honoured at some of the most
prestigious venues, including Buckingham Palace.

In his loss, his spirit remains as the blueprint that helped take us to the
point the company is at now, the creators of the leading B2B data-over-audio
technology that’s used by brands around the world. It is in his honour that we
have worked tirelessly to cultivate the next generation of this innovative
technology to allow our now many clients and partners to bring the same magic
to their customers that our own Chirp app brought to our own consumer users
for all those years.

A year and a bit ago, we made the strategic decision to move away from being a
B2C application company, and transformed ourselves into the current market-
leading B2B data-over-audio technology house we have become. Since this
transition, we’ve achieved unrivalled success on the global stage, becoming
the first and only B2B data-over-audio technology to go beyond the mere proof
of concept or small localised launches, and successfully launch in the market
on a mass scale with numerous multinational brands and corporations across a
wide variety of sectors. Our technology has not only been proven to be best-
in-class, but has become by far the most widely adopted B2B data-over-audio
technology, and the most trusted in the world. Our technology is integrated
across hundreds of products and applications, enabling hundreds of millions of
devices of all kinds to connect and interact, and used in over 90 countries.

The invaluable learnings we’ve gained from our first iteration have allowed
Chirp’s technology to not only move light years ahead in the market, but also
beyond just smartphone applications on iOS and Android. Throughout the year
we’ve launched vastly upgraded versions of our market-leading audible and
ultrasonic technology to empower brands and companies to connect with their
consumer users like never before.

We have now proudly brought to the world the first and only data-over-audio
SDKs in JavaScript, Python, Windows, Linux, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, various
Smart-TV data streaming platforms and Web Browsers. Each comes in both audible and ultrasound versions, and what truly makes our technology so powerful and unique is that all our SDKs are fully interoperable- catering to our clients and partners every specific use case and need.

In retiring the original Chirp app, it marks the end of an amazing era, but we
move forward confidently knowing that today represents the start of a
completely new era for us, where we can look back with fond memories, and
together with our present and future partners we can look forward with great
excitement. For us, this is just a new chapter in our journey, and only the
beginning of what’s still to come.

Find out more about how Chirp technology can help your industry here.